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Käsintaotut mustat zirkonium korvakorut timanteilla./Hand Hammered Black Zirconium Earrings with Diamonds. 

Materiaali/Material: Zirkonium/Zirconium

Kivet/Stones: Timantit, 2x0,07 ct, TW/VS./Diamonds, 2x0,07 ct, TW/VS

Koko/Size: Leveys 3 mm, ulkohalkaisija 11 mm./Width 3 mm, Outer Diameter 11 mm.

Tuote/Product: #3615

Zirkonium korvakorut timanteilla/Zirconium Earrings with Diamonds

  • These earrings can be made with different kind of surfaces. 

    Please contact for more information.


    out of stock products can be custom made to order

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