Zirconium jewellery

Zirconium is an element with properties similar to titanium. Like titanium, zirconium is highly corrosion resistant and does not cause allergies.


What makes Zirconium so special is that it can be oxidized to black. Black oxidized zirconium is very hard and wear resistant. Black zirconium may have a shiny or matt surface.

Black zirconium ring with diamond id:3227

id: 3370

id: 3325

Black zirconium and gold ring

Black zirconium ring with diamonds id:3289

Black zirconium ring with black diamond id:3265

id: 3373


Black zirconium rings

id: 3269

Black zirconium ring with diamonds


Black zirconium ring


Black zirconium ring


Black zirconium earrings

Black zirconium ring and earrings with diamonds id:

Black zirconium ring with diamond id:3279

Black zirconium earrings with diamonds id:3271


Black zirconium ring with diamonds id:3281

Black zirconium ring with green diamonds id:3263


Black zirconium and titanium ring id:3254


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