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Jewellery designing and manufacturing

Materials: titanium, gold, white gold, silver

Jewellery modifications

Material recycling
Modification and modernizations
Stone settings

More about remodelling and custom made jewellery  >>

We take care of your jewellery 

quickly, delicately and with expertise


Once a year jewellery should be cleaned, disinfected, polished. Also the stone setting should be checked and loose stones should be tightened.


It is very important to clean and disinfected earrings at least once a year because the pin piers the earflap. Also the backgrounds and locks needs to be tightened. Pearl necklaces with silk thread with knots should be redone again when the pearls have started to move between the knots.


Services and repairs of all kind of jewellery


Jewellery is cleaned, disinfected, polished and the stone setting is tightened and checked.


Jewelry that you no longer like can be modernizing or remodelling into new


Can be added more stones to your jewelry


We support the people who care about the future of our planet and can offer to make jewellery from old gold. 

We buy any scrap gold you may have (broken rings, earrings, chains etc)

We can use it as a raw-material for making a new piece of jewellery for you.

We can also use your own gemstones or stones or pearls in creating something new design.


Resailing of diamonds and other gemstones

We also make evaluation certificates for the insurance purposes.

When you bring your jewellery for maintenance and/or repair, mention that you are a GL-Koru FB fan and you can get 10% discount on the work!


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