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Smoky touch

Titanium is a white metal with a charcoal grey hue. It has a unique look which differentiates it from precious white metals. The color is darker and deeper than silver or white gold and it can be most closely compared to platinum, but with a smoky touch that makes it very attractive in jewellery.

Light and durable

Compared with other metals, titanium has a number of special properties: it is four times harder than steel but five times lighter than pure gold. Titanium's color and sheen resembles that of platinum, but it is lighter, harder and more durable. Titanium lasts longer than other precious metals. Its glossiness remains shiny and the matt remains matt considerably longer in the products that consist of titanium than of any other material. 


No allergies

Titanium does not cause allergies. This is important, as many people are allergic to platinum, gold and the palladium used in whitening the gold. 


Due to its hardness and significantly higher melting point, titanium is a difficult material to work with. Traditional tools and methods used by many goldsmiths are inadequate so working with titanium has presented a challenge, particularly with regard to handmade jewellery. New working methods are constantly being researched and tried out. Continuous development of tools and working methods have made GL-Koru one of the leading producers of titanium jewellery. Gad Leinson offers a unique professionalism both in designing and in manufacturing titanium jewellery. 

Surfaces for Rings

Despite its hardness, titanium can be treated to a multitude of exquisite surfaces, from polished and brushed to “beaten” and molten. The surface effects can also alter the color of the metal. 


A polished finish is very shiny, almost mirror-like. This finish can be compared to the look of other white precious metals which are highly polished or chrome-coated objects.


A satin finish is similar to a brushed finish, with a visible directional texture. It reflects light differently than a polished finish and is less bright in appearance. 

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Titanium & Gold

We have combined titanium and gold using different methods for unique pieces of jewellery. The soft white color of titanium with charcoal grey hue combined with gold makes it very sophisticated in jewellery. In titanium jewellery gold can be use to give contrast, color or hint of glamour to all kind of jewellery.


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