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What is your favorite gemstone?

Sapphires, emeralds, rubies, spinels, garnets, morganites, tourmalines, tanzanites, aquamarines, Finnish beryls, amethysts or... 

One of the advantages of creating individual jewellery is the choice of a precious stone. You can choose the color, shape, size and we will create for you a piece of jewellery that will reflect your personality to match your style and lifestyle.

We have a choice of stones in our store or we can order the right stone for you. You are welcome to visit us in order to discuss the different gemstones and how they can enhance your jewellery.

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Discounts for fans!

Titanium and amethyst

Titanium, diamonds and tanzanite.

New life!

We can use your own gemstones or stones or pearls in creating something new. Also we buy any scrap gold you may have (broken rings, earrings, necklace etc) and we can use it as raw-material make a new piece of jewellery for you.

Before remodelling
After remodelling
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