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Custom products

We have created jewellery made to order for 30 years in our workshop in the heart of Helsinki .  Every time we design custom jewellery we are determined to create a piece of high quality reflecting the individuality of our customer. Special attention is given to the wedding rings.

Choosing a precious stone

One of the advantages of creating individual jewellery is the choice of a precious stone. You can choose the color, shape and size and we will create for you a piece of jewellery that will reflect your personality to match your style and lifestyle. We can help you stay within your budget with the selection of precious stones used; quantity, size and quality are all contributing factors of cost. We can help you make the right choice.

How to Choose a Diamond>>

Price for a wedding ring with a diamond starts from 300 euro


Titanium and customer's stone.


Titanium, yellow gold and sapphire.


Titanium, diamonds and tanzanite.

Your own design

At GL-Koru you can design your own unique piece of jewellery and have it made for you. We make jewellery according to your drawings and ideas which may inspire you towards a particular design. We will help you with these designs to achieve the technical solutions so that your jewellery will not only be beautiful but also durable and practical. You can view the hundreds of items in our shop to help you with your ideas.

Jewellery is not just a traditional ring, charm or a chain. We also make jewellery to order, expressing your hobbies or profession. We make miniature tools, logos, coats of arms or even personal utensils or animals just to mention but a few. Get inspiration in our Miniatures collection >

New life!

We buy any scrap gold you may have (broken rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets etc) and we can use it as raw-material for making a new piece of jewellery for you. We can also use your own gemstones or stones or pearls in creating something new and unique.

Before remodelling
After remodelling

Corporate gifts

At GL-Koru we make corporate gifts of the highest quality, including pins, broaches, tiepins, scarfpins, cufflinks, charms, keyrings etc. The materials used are gold, titanium and silver and we make these according to your drawings, designs or photos (for example, the company logo). 

At GL-Koru, corporate gifts are made with the same traditional handmade methods and with the same quality standards as all other jewellery. Thanks to our skill and expertise, we make corporate gifts which are not only unique but acknowledged and appreciated by your partners or customers.

The first step in creating a custom-made piece of jewelery is making an appointment with us.

During our first meeting, we start designing the piece of jewellery and plan the process of

crafting it. 


The process of making a piece of jewellery from the first meeting to handing over the finished product may take a couple of weeks or several months.


All  jewellery is hand-made by our goldsmiths in our own workshop.


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