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Titaaninen laattariipus titaanisella ankkuriketjulla/Titanium Plate Pendant with durable Titanium Anchor Chain

Materiaali/Material: Titaani/Titanium

Koko/Size: Leveys 11 mm, pituus 47 mm/Width 11 mm, Length 47 mm.

Ketju:Chain: Titaaninen ankkurietju, halkaisija 3,8 mm, pituus 50 cm./Titanium Anchor Chain, Diameter 3,8 mm, Length 50 cm.

Titaaninen laattariipus/Titanium Plate Pendant

  • Can also be made in other Surfaces and Sizes.

    Please inform the right lenght for the chain.

    Please contact for more information.


    out of stock products can be custom made to order

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